About RFSA

Enhancing food security by growing a resilient, productive, and sustainable local food and agricultural system in inland Southern California valleys. The Riverside Food Systems Alliance (RFSA) supports local food and agriculture for a healthier community. A food system is all the actors, processes, and infrastructure involved in growing, transporting, processing, selling, acquiring, consuming, and disposing of food. As a food policy council we examine the food system and act to create a sustainable, equitable, healthy community with strong social structure and meaningful livelihoods. Yes, local food has that kind of power.

Our Core Areas. Our alliance harnesses intentionally cross-sector expertise. Only diverse voices can address our triple bottom line–economic, environmental and social–wherein a strong local economy improves the environment, including health equity for disadvantaged groups. Of course, a complex intersection of factors influences food producers, consumers, and all the actors in between. Transforming the food system therefore requires careful analysis of the whole food chain. To that end the inaugural RFSA committee identified a core list of priority areas, backed by a work plan we pushed for adoption by the City of Riverside in 2014.

Click here for the Food and Agriculture Policy Action Plan (2014) from which we derived our core areas.