Riverside Food Rescue and Waste Prevention Initiative

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To address food waste in our community, the City of Riverside, along with its partners, the Riverside Food Systems Alliance and the Riverside Food Co-op, were awarded a grant from California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) to create the Riverside Food Waste Prevention and Food Rescue Initiative. The program will provide tools and training for the community to encourage food waste prevention and food rescue activities in three key categories:

  1. Public Outreach – The raising of awareness of financial, social and environmental impacts of food waste and providing solutions for the community.
  2. Food Rescue and Waste Prevention Ambassador Certification Program – The training of four groups of 25-30 participants over a 40-hour Food Rescue Waste Prevention Ambassador Certification Program, where they will learn about a variety of topics about the life cycle of food.
  3. Food Rescue and Distribution – The development of an online exchange platform to assist food donors (restaurants, farms, grocery stores) and food recipients (food pantries, food banks, homeless shelters) to rescue edible food to serve those in need across the community.

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