Educating, inspiring, and sustaining demand

While the Inland region has many features of an ideal food destination, we must activate these characteristics with public education about local growing and growth. Any campaign strategy must incorporate both production and demand to increase consumer appreciation for local food.

LOCAL FOOD PUBLIC EDUCATION. Complex factors influence household shopping decisions, the connection between agriculture and community sustainability often overlooked. We work with government, private sector, and nonprofit associations to promote the local food choice by educating around nutrition, flavor and environmental impacts. It’s vital enough simply to make the community’s food system more visible. However, one challenge to increasing local food purchasing is lack of data measuring how much food is locally purchased.

  • Local Guide;
  • Inland Grown label;
  • GrowRIVERSIDE Community Gatherings and Conference.

SCHOOLS AND YOUTH. We work with the school districts to strengthen farm to school programs, engage parents and other adults, and support youth education incorporating local food and farming, food literacy and garden-based education. 

  • Continuing development of Eastside Community Garden at Emerson Elementary School and new garden projects at other RUSD schools, Sherman Indian High School, and California School for the Deaf;
  • garden grants and educational materials (RCRCD);
  • GrowRIVERSIDE student projects contest;

FOOD AND HEALTH. We forge partnerships with health care providers to integrate healthy food and active living programs. We help offer the resources our community’s children, families and leaders need to learn about food production, nutrition, cooking and food economics. We encourage providers to prescribe healthy, locally grown food, and promote the links between producers and consumers, health, food, and the environment.

  • Eastside HEAL Zone clinics offering discount vouchers to corner markets that sell local produce as a community health prescription to whole individual health;
  • Eastside HEAL Zone and Weekly Harvest indirect and direct food and health education;

ART AND SCIENCE. Local food deepens connections between farmers and consumers. We involve the arts, sciences, and literary communities in education around healthy eating and locally grown food.

  • Citizen Science programming (RCRCD).

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