Ensuring access for all

Full access to healthful food is critical to local food policy. Many low income consumers lack the resources and information necessary to ensure that they can secure food at all, much less fresh, naturally grown local food. There are many organizations addressing issues of hunger and nutrition who, with additional resources, will be key to ensuring the benefits of a local food economy are widely shared.

RESOURCES FOR HEALTHFUL FOOD. We work with professional, community-based, faith-based, governmental and academic communities to coordinate policies that effectively connect nutrition assistance programs to those in need with fresh, local, nutritious foods. 

  • Adopted Market Match at select eligible farmers’ markets.

COORDINATED FOOD ASSISTANCE. We work with food banks, emergency food providers, and home meal delivery organizations on a strategy for healthy meals and more fresh fruits and vegetables. An often overlooked issue is food waste, with all its downstream consequences on the food system. We have already launched a meaningful contribution to the national goal of halving waste of food by 2030.

  • Gleaners For Good founded;
  • Riverside Food Rescue.

COMMUNITY ACCESS. We support food retail outlets with an aim to build healthy environments abundant in fresh and affordable food choices.

  • Riverside University Health System Eastside corner store refurbishment;
  • Al Centro mini-Product Stand.

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