Growing Food

We have the fertile soil, local water, and climate that allows multiple crops and harvests. RFSA promotes an environmentally sustainable and economically viable farm community, inside and outside the City. Economies continue to lose farms and local sovereignty to consolidation and concentration. We want to maximize farming opportunities across all scales to preserve land best suited to farming.

LAND PRESERVATION. We develop policies for long-term preservation of agricultural land that reduce waste, chemical inputs and energy use while fostering viable farm and food businesses. This includes zoning, entitlement processes, and new entrepreneurial development.

  • Led the integration of agriculture into the Northside Specific Plan;
  • Won a $3M grant to develop Northside Heritage Meadows, a carbon sequestering urban greening project.

SUPPORTING FARMERS. We expand existing programs that strengthen opportunities and benefits for farmers, workers, businesses and communities, particularly those with disproportionate environmental or economic disadvantages.

  • Riverside University Health System launched two new farmers’ markets;
  • Conservation cost share (USDA and CDFA);
  • GrowRIVERSIDE Conference;
  • Agritourism Conference; and
  • RUSD Food Hub

WATER USE AND RENEWABLE ENERGY. Loss of resources and biodiversity and imbalanced agricultural policies, among many other factors, have put our food security under increasing stress. We envision innovative market-based strategies to prevent resource degradation and ensure best use and availability of agricultural water and other natural resources. 

  • RFSA representation on the Agricultural Water Rates Task Force.
  • Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District offers free Irrigation Evaluations (RCRCD).

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